Friday, November 30, 2007

Going or not?

Today we were planning at the same time deciding whether we would go to a Filipino Xmas's party this coming 15th day of December. I know it still 2 weeks away but we need to set it up today.
Hubby called me from work and he was ask me what day is that on. We found out it was Saturday and he supposed to be working. I guess he would try to ask their Lieutenant that he would like to take an off of that day which it is not a big deal.
Anyway, was thinking it is supposed to be a party but i kinda had a little problem here. I don't like wearing dresses. If ever we would go i probably wear tops and jeans..hehe!
If ever we were going too, i would diffinitely eat a lot of different filipino foods and bring some at home. hehe! (this is what i like of gatherings)

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