Thursday, November 29, 2007

Got Two Things Meme

1. Two names I go by: Chayren or Charmae
2. Two things I am wearing right now: sleep wear and slipper
3. Two things I want (or have) in a relationship: love and trust
4. Two things I like to do: shopping and going outside for a walk
5. Two things I want very badly in this moment: car andand driver's licence hehe!
6. Two things I did last night: Checked my blog and playing my baby
7. Two things I ate today: not yet
8. Two persons I last spoke to: hubby and baby
9. Two things I am doing tomorrow: washing clothes and blogging
10. Two favorite days of the week: friday and saturdy
11. Two favorite holidays: Christmas and New Year
12. Two favorite beverages: ambut lng
13. Two things about me that you may not have known: ano ba?
14. Two jobs that I have had in my life: nothing at all
15. Two movies I would watch over and over: Vacancy and Hills Have Eyes
16. Two places I have lived: Philippines and US
17. Two of my favorite food: Sea foods and Vegetables
18. Two places I would rather be right now: Philippines only
And here is another question: What are the 5 gifts you would buy for yourself this Christmas, if you had unlimited income?And here are my answers.
1. But me a nice car
2. build a big house as big as a town lol
3. expensive jewelries lol
4. Trip around the world for me and my family
5. cruise

I would like to pass this meme to all my friends....

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