Saturday, December 1, 2007


When I was 5 months old pregnant, I remember I was so happy when I knew that my baby could be a girl. I was expecting to be it the reason that both of us likes a girl. And of course,hubby and I had an agreement about naming a baby, if its a boy he will going to give a name but if its a girl i will name her.

I think most parents likes to pick up a name for the incoming baby. Most of us are excited at the same time confused on whats gonna be the best and meaningful name for him/her.

Well, it comes up on the situation that i can't even think of what i'm going to named for my baby girl. As far as i know I like Eden to be her middle name.

One night, hubby got home from work. He had a printed 3 pages of names for a baby girl. Since, I can't even think of any, I pick up 5 names on a paper. I didn't expect hubby picked 5 names too. Later on, he showed to me what he's got. And he insisted to gave my baby girl a name because he don't like the names that I picked.

We endeed up choosing Alyssa, which is he's first option. Since i like Eden, we combined Alyssa Eden.

meaning of Alyssa:
Alyssa is came from a greek word which means "noble kind". In french, its meaning "rational". Alyssa derived from bright flower called alyssum. The famous bearer of this name was Alyssa Milano.

Alyssa : (ah -LIS-sah)

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