Sunday, December 30, 2007

Marie Digby's Musics

A girl sitting in her living room with her guitar, singing a cover rendition of a popular R&B song is Marie Digby. She is a Japanese, Irish-American girl who loves to sing and wrote music. She is one of YouTube phenomenons singer discovered lately.
Below are some of Marie Digby's songs that i like the most. Sure, she got a bunch in her Youtube account but if i will displayed them all here, this space is not enough.

I consider myself as one of her fan. She deserves it! She had an amazing voice, beautiful face indeed a very talented girl. More power to her and her career.

Marie Digby's Gimme More version. It was originally perform by Britney Spears

Her Umbrella rendition originally perform by Rhianna

Her version of Say it Right originally perform by Nelly Furtado

Her own music composition entitled Unfold

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