Monday, December 24, 2007

My Green

I noticed lately that i always have headache. (migraine) Seems like it gets worse and worse. I was worried i might be turn into a psycho lil momma. lol I was thinking its probably i have it forever coz i never slept good in couple of days. I usually sleep longer than 8 hours plus 1 or 2 hours nap during daytime.hehe! After learning the wonders of blogging and received good payouts from my paid post my good sleeping habit was gone. Waiting my bids to be approved would definitely drive me crazy. I can't wait for the next day to do it unless i have no idea what to write.
Well, last night i finally sleep good. I have no opportunities to think coz i know its holiday. Advertisers aren't working to accept bids. lol So, its a good feeling! It done good for me. I got some sleeps and do the chores a bit. Christmas is an hours away so i better get on track now.
See you later, Alligator!

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