Friday, January 11, 2008

"Loving You"

"Loving you,
Is such an easy thing to do
No you’ll never know
It’s driving me crazy coz it grows and grows
But I won’t let it stop
No I’m not giving up
Loving you, oh loving you
Just have been too much"

Time goes by so fast. My memories in the past are still fresh, still lurking on my mind. Its been two-years now, I still remember the aggravation caused by immigrations and stuff, the half-grown innocent woman who's leaving her family behind and took a chance to experience new life in foreign land.

I still remember getting on plane by myself headed to US, getting pregnant and now having this beautiful baby that i am most proud of.

Happiness is what i have now. Every time i hear those confusing words she burbles, seeing those gorgeous smiles, enthralling blinks of her eyes, her angelic features, energetic moves of her body, those precious little toes and tiny fingers are some of her ideal features that entirely amused me. I never thought i could handle taking care of fragile and innocent little one. I confess that this was my biggest fear before deciding to have one. I thought i couldn't be able to handle it as if nobody could help me except hubby.

From the country that i came from, families and siblings are helping together in different ways and situation. I say, new parent or young moms are lucky if ever they are having a baby. Everybody can helped her and in fact most of the times grannies are used to take care of them a lot. see? We have this trait that we influenced from ancient people; "close family ties".

I am just thrilled seeing those progress of my baby, how my sacrifies for her. I believed to what everybody said, "mother's nature". I guess it does signifies the whole. Whoever you are; young and unexperienced, you will stand by your responsibilty. You will do anything for the sake of your own child unless if you're unwell influenced by wealth and fortune.


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