Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bed Sores

Bed sores commonly known as pressure sores, skin ulcers or decubitus are cuts, lesions or swelling caused due to prolonged pressure on any part of body and usually affect parts of the body over bony areas.

Bed sores commonly occur among handicapped, disabled, paralyzed or bed ridden patients as they are unable to change their position frequently and continuous pressure on specific parts of body lead to bed sores. Bed sores can be treated effectively if found early but can become a life threatening disease as it cuts off blood circulation to parts of the body.

Bed sores commonly occur around the buttocks, heels, lower back and the hip bone area among bed ridden individuals while spine, ankles, knees, head , shoulders are also susceptible to pressure sores depending on the fixed position of the patient. It is important to note that bedsores, if small and detected early can be treated by regular dressings while large or deep bedsores need plastic surgery techniques.

Suggested remedies to treat and prevent bed sores:

- Avoiding continuous pressure on any one area by changing positions at least every two hours
- Use a ripple mattress or ripple bed such that circulation of blood is effected throughout the body
- Air mattresses, cushions, pillows or other forms of support can also help change positions
- Massage the body or employ possible physiotherapy to exercise parts of the body
- Eat a well balanced and nutritive meal with extra proteins to maintain healthy


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