Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Chance To Be Heared

I have a friend who is very obsessed on something specially when it comes to music. He found himself a good musician and believes that someday he will be discovered. Yep! he had a good voice and capable as a musician too. I guarantee! Today, seems like a good day for him because i found a great website that gives him a big chance to reach his goal. has something to do when it comes to music. I say, this is almost like myspace but the difference is has no spam. With you can upload your musical piece either hosted by YouTube or simply upload it in their database. The good thing about this website is the more your video views the more it becomes known to public. Plus, you have a big chance to sign a contract at's partner Epic Records. also offers a some kind of competitions. Either you are guitarist, soloist or has a band you can be part the showdown. Of course, they have special prices for the luckiest winners.

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