Friday, February 29, 2008

It's Cute!!

Thinking my younger days is amazing and fun. Despite of insufficient chips in life i'm still able to think that i am blessed to be raised in good and respectful member of the family. I still remember walking 30miles going to school back and forth. No school buss, no jeepneys. We are lucky if we can get a ride from a working big trucks with sands and gravels inside. We can't get no jeepneys back then coz it was just only limited. I mean nobody going to the same direction where our school at because they know passengers are all students, meaning they can't make enough money because students fare are low and gas is high. So we got no choice! We have to walk with slippers and wear our high heels and stockings when we arrived in the school campus.

Yep, its funny! Whenever I think of it, it does makes me smile and I’m missing it though.

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