Thursday, February 28, 2008

Little Sis wish for her bday!

Living in the Phils. has a big difference in living here in the US. Even the kids here are get used to get what they want even daddy and mommy can't really afford to buy it. Expensive games are big priority. No surprise!

I catched this topic because i was thinking about my little sister who is turning to 8 years old this march 1. I ask her what he wants on her birthday but she says she don't need anything nonsense but she wants a piglet. Yep!! she wants to raise a pig and sell it when it gets bigger. She said, our neighbor raised a pig and sold it for 9k. She says, thats a big money for her to buy another pig and raised them again. She was thinking of having piggeries from one piglet and dreaming of making it big.

Hay, i'm still thinking if i should give her what she wants. I'm afraid if she might get bored and besides 8 years old is too young for raising pigs. Anyway, i already think that i will send her a bday cake. That would surprise her, for sure! I don't care if she don't want it but at least i want to have a first cake on her 8th bday.

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