Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another Sleepless Nights

Another sleepless nights. Its almost 5 am now here and still we never go to bed yet. Hubby again was playing spades at the computer while i was talking to my cousin back in PI. Its going to be another busy night and i guarantee we will get on the bed at 7 am again. Gosh!! i could have wait my cyber friends till they get online in the morning but was kind of hesitate to talk to them if ever they knew we never had some sleeps yet. hhaha! -might say we are witches and vampires again. We never feel sleepy yet that's why. We get used to sleep very late since hubby's work is 3rd shift. He gets home at 12 and goes to work at 4. I think our bedtime routine has got to do with his work schedule. Eversince i got here, our bedtime has never changed -its always been like these, we are get used it. SO far we are doing okay. heheh

Well so much for the update here and i gotta work some other of my blogs. Good thing that i don't have any backlog opps to do at this time. No more pressure, no hassles, no hallucinations etc. heheh..gotta get off here..update more later!

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