Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday Rants

I was so thankful that ppp approved this blog in their marketplace. I been longing for it since before. I been denied so many times because due to the reasons that i haven't meet the requirements to be able to a certified postie in the marketplace. Just a few days of waiting an opp for this, today i finally snag one and i'm so glad to make a post with it.

Now, now that i have this blog, my plan is to snag the video post. I actually thinking hard for it though since i wasn't too confident enough of the video myself. It kind of disappointing for me to not do it because the opp has only 12 minutes left and it will gone. So, at this moment i still thinking what i'm going to do, either make a video or just leave it. Well, i hope i have a nerve!

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