Wednesday, May 7, 2008


This is the food that i am craving right now. Chopsuey is considered as one of my best favorite dish. When i was in the Philippines i used to eat it at Chowking because they prepared the best chopsuey ever.
After i got here, i have no longer eat them. I was thinking to cook it but i don't think the ingredients for it specially the vegetables are in the market (palengke) here or let say, (i don't know how to cook it myself). Although they have a lot of veggies here but one thing i knew for sure is only the cabbage and celery. Maybe if i can go to asian store i might find me some. But the only thing about is the asian store here is 150 miles.

Chopsuey is made up of overcooked vegetables such as celery and cabbage. It is also mixed with pork, chicken, or shirmp. This dish is actually originated in America and is not authentically Chinese but it was discovered by a Chinese immigrant who were working on transcontinental road.


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