Saturday, February 12, 2011

Credit Score

Credit is way of life to almost everyone that is why it is important to establish a good credit.

Credit score is how lenders and creditors can quickly decide if you are creditworthy to acquire the amount of loan or credit. If you don't have good credit history, not many places can extend a credit to you or any other type of loan. Although some lenders will approved your loans but the odd is, you also have to pay a high amount of interest rate.

Maintaining a good credit isn't always easy however, we also have to keep in mind that making the payments on time is the single most important factor we can do to keep or improve the credit score. Past due credit can negatively driving down your credit score and is generally stays in credit report for seven years. Another thing is to try to keep your borrowing under control and when it comes to your credit card, do not max out the limit or treat the credit card as free money.

Always remember that checking your own credit report cannot affect your credit scores, so you might need to take a look at it using the free credit score sites out there and take an action on how to improve them.

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