Monday, May 30, 2011

They Should Call it Drama Night in the ER

Guest post by Toney Elliott

It's Thursday night, the kids are all in bed, the dishes are done, and it is my favorite night to sit down and watch my favorite tv episode on tv. Grey's Anatomy is my favorite show ever. Since the beginning of the show Meredith Grey has given us a narrator version of how doctor's go through day to day struggles. Meredith, herself, has been through many tremendous changes since the first episode.

As an intern, she fell in love with the top ! brain surgeon, Derek Shepherd, and they have been through a whirlwind love affair. Starting with Derek's wife cheating on him with his best friend, Derek also cheated with Meredith. They fell in love, and have broken and gotten back together through many episodes. Finally, Derek, divorced his wife Addison Montgomery, and they could be together. Only in the last year, have they been married, by a post it note. The two did not want to have a piece of paper dictate they had to remain married. So they posted they were married on a post it note and stuck it to their wall.

The show is not just about Meredith and Derek, though. There are many other characters in the show that keep the hour very interesting.

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