Friday, December 21, 2007

Donate Boat

Do you have boat, car, truck, RV or property? Do you know that if you donate even one of those could help to many needy people around the world?

Boatangel is a charity boat donation center that are willing to accept non-working and old boats and other properties for a charity purposes. They are responsible to make arrangements to to pick-up boat donations. They accept donations to areas in the US and across America. If you are willing to help people by donating a boat, just call their number or email them. Boat donors can receive a lawful IRS tax deductible when donating boats. Of course, boatangel will provide necessary paper works in order for them to claim the tax deductible.
The donated boats are sells them on eBay and funds are intentionally shared to a needy people all over the world specially to the poorest countries. Among of the projects they already made are medical operations, prison reform and school materials. They are also making the films for children and youth. They distribute the free DVDs around the world without any shipping cost. DVDs includes anti drug addiction for youth and animated inspiring film for children.

By donating a boat now could change a lives to a lot of people worldwide. Why not help boatangel to help others?


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