Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I feel bad today that i wasn't able to send something to my sisters for their christmass party. I was trying my best to offer them a little bit but due to some reasons i couldn't. I was feeling so bad and terrible that my simple wish was failed. I am blaming myself, people around me and the world. Maybe you think that i am getting paranoid or something but i just wanted to pour my heart out or i'm gonna blow up. I just can't take the fact that i have a nice life here while the rest of my loved-ones are taking chances, looking for their old clothes for a school xmas party. I was talking to one of my sister on a phone and she said she already found her an old dress for a party today. I wish i bought her something nice and new. But unfortunately can't. Better luck next time. I hope i can send them this time for christmas.

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